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Selling Backend Products Using 
Auto-responder Campaigns

Your customers don't mind being sold to as long as you aren't swindling them. If you are offering them a product or service that can benefit them, they will want to hear about it. People like to buy things that interest them.

Creating backend revenue from your house list

You may want to be careful not to advertise products to your customer base that they have already bought. This cheapens your relationship with them. Stay on top of this, be organized. If you are using a good autoresponder and a reliable list manager, you can have customers automatically removed. Notice that this step in the process says to market your backend products until all options are gone. 

You have collected a list of names of people who have similar interests. You should introduce them to every product that could be of benefit to them. Never stop marketing to them. They want you to introduce them to products that would benefit them.

Once you have created and marketing every product that you are able to produce, start marketing other people's products through affiliate programs and joint ventures. If you look at the referrers report in your tracking service, you should see that a lot of visitors came to your site under searches that your product doesn't necessarily satisfy. These are good opportunities for backend products, especially so if the visitors converted to customers. 

Using a home finance book as an example; let's say that some of your customers landed on your site using the search "how to get home financing." A good backend product would be a book on how to get home financing with a good rate. The best advice: make sure that your front end product is absolutely positively spectacular. I cannot emphasize that point enough. Your backend product will be sold to your prospects via-autoresponder, so it is important that you have an effective autoresponder strategy in place. 

Best days to promote to your list

What day to send out ads? There is much debate about the best day to send out an email ad. I have heard Wednesday and I have heard Friday. My personal experience is that Friday usually gets the best response. I say "usually" because for some of my lists responds best to ads sent out on Wednesday. The fact is that every list is quite different. There is no way that you can say that one day of the week is the best for everyone. 

Different groups of people with common interests may respond differently to ads sent out on the same day. Take for instance, a list composed mostly of email marketers. Some of these people may be connected to the Internet most of the day since it is the medium through which they earn money. This list may not be as sensitive to the day of the week on which you send an ad, as say a list comprised mostly of single moms. 

A single mom would most likely be busy during the afternoon when her kids are home from school, so she wouldn't be able to check her email during that time. There are many factors to consider. One method to get a general idea of when you should mail is to look at your stats for the hour and day of peak traffic on your site. Begin testing by sending your ad one hour before that time. This has proven better than “just guessing” but hasn’t proved to be 100% reliable. 

Automating backend sales messages

The backend product autoresponder strategy should be set up for an individual series of autoresponder emails for all of your backend products. These separate “campaigns” contain sales messages and articles and usually run for 2-3 weeks each. After a customer buys they are automatically dropped into the autoresponder for your first backend product that is most closely related to the product they bought. Some buy, some don’t. The customers who buy product #1 are automatically placed into the autoresponder series selling product #2. Those that don’t buy get sent the next sales message for product #1. They get separated again. Those who buy product # 1 are taken out and put into another campaign where they will receive offers for product #2.

Those who don't stay in are the buyers that are taken out again and the process continues with all of your backend products. Those who don’t buy your particular backend product should go through the whole series of messages promoting that product. If they don’t buy then, they are automatically looped to the autoresponder series for your next backend product which might interest them more.

A good automated list management system like can take care of all your list management, removals and segmenting your subscribers automatically. 

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