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23 Attention Grabbing Headlines

Here are the 23 types of attention grabbing headlines with an example of each one to help you understand how to use them more effectively:

1. The direct statement headline.

"Make up to $500 A Day From Home And Quit Your Job!"
"Get up to 25% discount and become debt-free faster!"

2. The question headline.

"Why pay more?"

3. The testimonial headline.

" has increased my sales a very real 357%!!!"

4. The command headline.

"This is your chance to become successful. Take it!"

5. The "How To" headline.

"How to get the best response from your marketing ever!"

6. The indirect headline.

"10 reward dollars are waiting for you at the finish line..."

7. The guarantee headline.

"Project management guaranteed to help you complete projects on time, on budget and on target!"

8. The frustration/problem headline.

"If the unexpected happened to your computer data today... Would it still be "business as usual" tomorrow? Here's a 100% guaranteed way to make sure it never happens".

9. The deep discount headline.

"4 books. 4 bucks. No commitment. No kidding. If you love to read, this offer is simply a no brainer!"

10. The personalized headline

"Finally, here's how you can use 1,479 of the best kept secrets of the world's greatest gourmet cooks and impress your dinner guests like never before!"

11. The benefit headline.

"50 fool-proof ways to make money on the internet!"

12. The "Reason Why" headline.

"9 reasons why you should purchase advertise with Rent-A-List before Feb, 28th, 2007"

13. The short but intriguing headline.

"Wife wanted now!"

14. The case history headline.

"Starting off with $56,000 in debts... a young divorced mother tells how she became a millionaire in only 34 months. Here she explains how you can start earning enough money easily to retire a millionaire in 5-8 years..."

15. The news headline.

"Doctors astounded by the possibility of flaxseed to fight cancer!"

16. The numbered headline.

"The 7 secrets that can make YOU a better speaker!"

17. The "Not this-- but this" headline.

"No horoscopes. No fashion tips. No perfume strips. Just smart, clear financial advice for the independent woman"

18. The "If... than" headline.

"If you qualify... You and 5 of your best friends could be off to a week-long ski vacation on Vermont!"

19. The invitation headline.

"You are cordially invited to take advantage of a very special offer from the University of Berkley."

20. The offer headline.

"This book is invaluable... indispensable... and it's FREE!"

21. The "Truth About" headline.

"The Truth about Chinese Medicine"

22. The "Fact Your Should Know About" headline.

"The Facts Your Should Know About Omega Flax"

23. The combination headline.

This is nothing more than mixing or combining of two or more of the headline techniques above. The end result of several combinations is a new version that has even more attention-getting and interest-arousing capability.


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