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Direct Mail - Consumer & Business Lists 

Targeted Consumer and Business Lists That Gets Results!
Grab Your Prospect's Attention Instantly Using Direct Mail!

Direct Mail Works!

Sending your offer using post cards, letters, or brochures -- is considered extremely responsive. Imagine getting a handwritten or personalized offer on a post card as opposed to getting a similar offer by email? 

Chances are that your handwritten post-card will make a much bigger impact in the minds of your prospects. More and more Online marketers are turning to 'direct mail', because it's effective, and gets instant response. 

If you are NOT using direct mail, to gain more customers, and subscribers, then you are leaving a lot of money on the table. More and more successful online marketers have already adding direct mail to their advertising mix.

We offer two types of direct mail lists, consumer lists, and business lists. You can buy data of your most ideal prospects with Rent-A-List. Targeted by Interests, Country, State, and City. Data available: Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Country.

Note: We do not sell email addresses, or phone numbers with this channel. We also do not provide post cards or additional postal mailing services. 





 email-dropTargeted Direct Mail Lists

Buy mailing addresses of prospects who have expressed interest in to your product or services.

The leads on our Direct mail lists are from consumers who have taken extensive online surveys. The lead source is from opt-ins on our advertising and publisher network.

You can select your target market, country, city and state -- and download and manage your leads list within Rent-a-list.

Data Available: First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Country

Note: No Email or phone numbers are available with this package. To email the list you may use our Targeted Email List option.

Targets Available:

You can also Target cities in the USA


  1. Select from a selection of delimiters to download the data. (Example: ::  ,  |  ^  Tab)

  2. Download leads in CSV, text, or zip file

  3. Manage leads using folders

  4. We will replace any faulty or undeliverable leads.

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