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Since 2000 we've been helping online advertisers reach the the right market, with the right message, at the right time. With powerful and diversified advertising channels you can now instantly reach your market and claim your share of customers the easy and effective way.
targeted-list Targeted Email Advertising Service

Email advertising doesn't have to be complicated or risky if it's done the right way. We can design your ad creative, deliver your email advertising piece to the most targeted lists online.

Since we maintain one of the largest Incentevized publisher network with over 3.2 million users, we are able to guarantee 40% click through rate to your offer page for every email campaign you purchase. It's quiet different from other Incentive network where the list's aren't really active, motivated, maintained, and most importantly segmented the right way.

For example, you can target an array of demographic, economic, and behavioral patterns of our list subscribers. Learn more by clicking on the links below.

email-drop Direct Mail - Buy Consumer & Business Lists

Direct mail works. Sending your offer using post cards or simply a personalized letter, is attention grabbing, tactile, targeted, measurable and effective. Every online marketer should have Direct Mail as a part of their strategy.

We offer two type of direct mail lists, consumer lists, and business lists (coming soon). You can buy data of your most ideal prospects with Rent-A-List. Targeted by Interests, Country, State, and City. Data available: Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Country.

Note: We do not sell email addresses, or phone numbers with this channel. We also do not provide post cards or additional postal mailing services. 

banner-advertising Sponsorship Advertising

A sponsorship advertising seeks to establish a deeper association between the advertiser and visitors. Your brand recognition is stronger with this kind of promotion and your offers get noticed right away. 

Sponsor a leading online lotto game today and get a minimum of 1500 unique visitors to your website in just 7 days.

Advertisers who wish to reach the following audience can expect high response rate:

1. Online gaming and gambling. 2. Free give away. 3. Business Opportunities. 4. Money making programs. 5. Contests

text-advertising Ad Creative And Design Services
Our designers can create professional, eye-catching and response generating web ad-design for you for a low price of an additional $39.99 per ad, along with your Targeted Email Campaign order. 

Simply provide us with your website URL, text for the ad, and the action required from visitors and we'll do the rest of the work for you.