Rent-a-list is an advertising portal selling incentive and non-incentive advertising inventory from several high traffic, high volume niche sites online.

We offer various types of online advertising. We also provide campaign design, execution and tracking to save you valuable time so that you can focus on what you enjoy doing.

Our goal is to help small business owners and online marketers reach the right market, with the right message, at the right time.

Types Of Advertising Services

Targeted Email Advertising Service

Targeted Email List Advertising (Incentivized)

Gain new leads, signups, and sales for your offer by reaching highly targeted subscribers directly by email. We maintain one of the largest Incentivized publisher networks with over 3.2 million active subscribers. We are able to deliver 40% click through rate to your offer page for every email campaign you purchase. Learn more

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Newsletter Email Solo Advertising Service

Newsletter & Buyers List Solo Advertising (Non Incentivized)

Solo advertising is one of the most effective ways to drive 'buyer' traffic and see immediate results. Our Newsletter solo advertising is perfect if you would like to reach the following target market: Internet Marketing and Business Opportunity Seekers. Learn more.

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Lotto Sponsorship Advertising Service

Sponsorship Advertising (On-site)

Want to advertise and get visitors directly to your offer page on one of the leading Free Lotto sites online? Rent-a-list sponsor advertising is the answer to it. Become a game sponsor for a week and watch your traffic and sales increase instantly. We can send literally thousands of new visitors to your website as a sponsor. Learn more.

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Banner Advertising Text Block Advertising

Banner And Text Block Advertising (Run-Of-The-Network)

Display your banner ads and text block advertising on our publisher sites and pay per impressions. Target your campaigns according to your audience. Learn more

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We DO NOT SELL email contacts to clients, instead we send permission based email advertising to targeted lists on your behalf.