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Min Guarantee 2000 Visitors
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Min Guarantee 4000 Visitors
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       Recent Reviews From Clients...
Richard Takemura Janet Legere Rick Williams Eric Secher Dean Shears

"So far I have tried Targeted Email, Sponsorship, and Stand Alone advertising, and I've had good opt-in rates and leads. In my experience Rent-a-list got me better response than others I have tried."

Richard Takemura, Owner, GetFreeScripts.com

"Since using Rent-a-List, my results have been consistent and always reliable. Dollar for Dollar, it's the best investment I can make for my business. I need results and results are what I get from Rent-a-List."

Janet Legere, Coach, ContactListBuilder.com

"Tried many other Internet Advertising but did not get the results like I have with Rent-A-List. I get results from RAL and that's why I advertise. Very happy with your service. You guys ROCK!"

Rick Williams. Affiliate Marketer.

"In my 15 years of full-time Rent-A-List is truly the ONLY company to deliver REAL traffic. Our latest co-op advertising to 10,000 of your list members has resulted in stunning numbers."

Eric Secher, Owner, myfreehghtrial.com

"I haven't had a great deal of help from other sources promoting my website. But the little I have used Rent-A-List has been with good results. I think it can help most people out but they have to give it a try."

Dean Shears, Owner, abctravelco.us

Carlos Sanchez Elia Santiago Colleen Clark Judy Stallings Sam Randle

"You have good customer service that care about their clients and their needs. I just started a banner campaign and already have a signup so far!"

Carlos Sanchez, Affiliate Marketer

""Rent-a-list has great prices and targeting is good. Other companies that I have tried are expensive and they are not that targeted, a complete waste of my money. This is much easier and affordable."

Elia Santiago, Owner, SuccessWithElia.com

"I have tried Solo Ads, Banner ads, desktop lightning, and daily bulk mailers with none or very little results. Rent-A-List offers a variety of solutions and I would recommend it to my list."

Colleen Clark, Affiliate Marketer

"In my opinion Rent-A-List is inexpensive and can be very effective when the ads are done well. I have got decent results from my campaigns and I would recommend it to others."

Judy Stallings, Owner, nulife4u.info

"Yes, so far I am happy with the results from RAL. Price is really great for the amount of leads from the campaigns. I use RAL for many of my other businesses. I recommend RAL to all my business partners."

Sam Randle, Owner, wirelessconcepts.org


Sandy Range- Rent-a-list review

Mike Hitschler - Rent-a-list review

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Daniel Hatchel

The research I did initially proved that RAL was the most economical, efficient, easy to use and friendly. I recommended RAL to my biz partners.

Sandy Range, M.Ed., LMHC, CHT, CCT - Partner Intentional Self LLC.

We market our Vibe Trainer Pro whole body vibration machine and RAL is a reliable source for me to generate leads for my product.

Mike Hitschler - Owner, AdvancedHealthWorks.com

I have used many other sources of traffic, but they never have had the results like I get with Rent-A-List. It's like leaving the Z-team and joining the A-team.

Steve Anthony Wodjat - Owner, SteveAnthonyInc.com

I wasn't sure where or when to market my business online until I started working with RAL and the team. I give a 10++ for this team...

Shellie Stuetzer, Owner, ShellieStuetzer.com

I was able to generate some opt-ins with several of my test campaigns. I am very happy with the traffic I have received. I feel comfortable with the company and structure..

Daniel Hatchel, Owner, TrafficTicketsClinic.com

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