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Incentive Targeted List Advertising

We Provide The Incentives! You Provide The Offer! We Can
Design Your Ads, Drive Traffic, And Track Everything!

The Rent-A-List advertising portal is a network of incentevized web properties that serves over 66 targeted markets worldwide.  


 email-dropWhat Is Incentive Targeted List Advertising

Here's How It Works.

Highly Targeted:

When a member joins he/she has to select a category of interest so that he/she receive offers from ONLY what they are interested in. It is highly targeted because they choose their category of  interest from 66 other categories.

Incentive advertising:

There is no secret to Internet Marketing. All you have to do is to get actual buyers to visit your site at a time when they're "ready to buy NOW". Incentive advertising is a powerful advertising technique where the advertising company offers it's members an incentive to  read and visit advertiser's website.

Consider the following example:

If one store at a mall is simply offering a discount while another store might offer a small gift or a cash prize in exchange for checking out the merchandise, which store would your average customer choose?

Our guess is the latter, because people always LOVE FREE STUFF!

We'll provide the free incentive, you provide the offer!

Instant Exposure:

You can be sure that prospects not only read your ad-copy, they will visit your website. In order to get credit for visiting your website, prospects MUST stay on your web site for at least 40 seconds. (Statistics have shown that if you can hold visitor's attention for 5-10 seconds, they will most likely check out your product)

Real Time Tracking:

You can keep track of all your ad campaigns with rent-a-list in your 'Advertiser's Area'. For incentive advertising we GUARANTEE 40% unique visitors for any campaign that you choose OR we will re-run your ad again for you until our guarantee is met.

40% Guaranteed Visitors:

YES! For example: When you choose a 10,000 email campaign we will make sure that at least 5,000 targeted visitors will actually visit your website and stay there for 60 seconds or more.

High Conversion Ratio:

Conversion depends on your offer, landing page, and the marketing system that you have in place. Generally, with a good offer and a well planned schedule, this type of advertising produces HIGH conversion ratio because you are reaching a targeted audience who are motivated to check out your product.

The combination of these two makes rent-a-list a powerful advertising tool. Members do not delete their emails because they get an incentive and they are looking at offers they they are genuinely interested in.

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