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In accordance with the FTC guide lines concerning use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, let us make you aware of the following circumstances: 

The testimonials displayed are, given verbatim except for correction of grammatical or typing errors. Some have been shortened meaning; not the whole message received by the testimony writer is displayed, when it seemed lengthy or not the whole text seemed relevant for the general public. 

These are testimonials actually received via our Testimonial Submit Form. They are individual experiences by persons who have used the Rent-a-list advertising services in some way or other. They are individual results and we do not claim that they are typical results that advertisers will generally achieve. Please read our full Disclosure.

"Rent-A-List has been instrumental in building our business for more than five years running.."

"Rent-A-List has been instrumental in building our business for more than five years running. I have not seen returns like this anywhere,"  - Jason Mangrum,

"I have never seen these kind of results!"

"Rent-A-List has been a means of showing me and my Team great results over a short period of time.. I have never seen these kinds of results!" - Luc Despres

"..Pricing and Fast support, best out there."

"Compared to other advertising sources, Rent-A-List's pricing and fast support and value is the best out there." 

- Rent-A-List Advertiser, Dr. Mike Swierczynski

"Rent-A-List has very good targeted advertising programs"

"Rent-A-List has very good targeted advertising programs and does a very creative job on creating advertising materials for no extra charge. The custom marketing piece creation is the standout." 

- Rent-A-List Advertiser, Brad Hodges

"I'm proud to recommend Rent-A-List to my customers and team-mates."

"I'm proud to recommend Rent-A-List to my customers and team-mates. Everything you need is right in the back office and the monthly savings are better than anyone else out there. I have consistent results each and every month." 

- Rent-A-List Advertiser, Al Walker

"I have never had anything but good results from using Rent-A-List." 

" From the first time I've used Rent-A-List to promote my offers I knew I was able to accomplish my Marketing Mission. I have never had anything but good results from using Rent-A-List." 
- Rent-A-List Advertiser, Herbert Gordon

"The sponsorship ad that we ran resulted in acquiring new clients for our business." 

" I have been very satisfied with our advertising results. The sponsorship ad that we ran resulted in ten new clients for our business. We could not have been more pleased. If you are looking for more sales or signups into your networking business, then look no further than rent-a-list." 
- Rent-A-List Advertiser, Andy Malcolm

"No one has come close to the results we get with Rent-A-List." 

" No one has come close to the results we get with Rent-A-List. You get what you pay for. - Rent-A-List Advertiser, Larry Johnson

"There is no other full-service online advertising out there for this price..." 

" Rent-A-List is the #1 advertiser on the web why go anywhere else? We're extremely happy with every one of our campaigns. There is no comparison...there is no other true FULL-SERVICE Online Advertising service out there."

"Our Results has been VERY GOOD..." 

" Our results with Rent-A-List has been very good.  Rent-A-List has provided me with more targeted traffic than any other advertising services we used."

"We're seeing real results.." 

" Simply stated, I am seeing real results with Rent-A-List advertising. Everyday my inbox contain responses from individuals who want to know more about my business"

I Always Recommend Rent-A-List To My Associates..." 

" I always recommend your service to those who ask for my advice about starting an ad campaign. The guaranteed hits of your targeted ads campaigns far outweigh any other service I use."

You Treat My Clients With Courtesy And Respect..."

"Being in the business of supplying lead capture pages I am constantly looking for places where my clients can successfully advertise their capture page.  I have found Rent-a-list to be one of the most easy to deal with companies when it comes to email marketing.  There are a lot of scams running around out there and I can send my valued clients to you with confidence.   You treat my clients with courtesy and respect and your customer service and support are un-matched when it comes to marketing of this type."   Thanks Rent-a-list!  - Carl Sorensen.  Owner,

"Tons Of Leads And Prospects With Every Ad Campaign..."

Rent-A-List ad campaigns generate tons of leads and prospects for us in every Targeted email campaign we run!

The service is exceptional and price is extremely reasonable. I recommend Rent-A-List to everyone who wants advertising advice! - Kim Donald, Associate,

"I've Been Using Rent-A-List Adverting For Over A Year With Powerful Results..."

Rent-a-List is a very powerful marketing tool with good results. I've been using this service for over a year and I do recommend to all my clients to use it in their marketing campaigns.

I've been using Rent-a-List services on few different campaigns. I can say that most of them had very good results and I continue to use the service in my marketing campaigns. - Andy Mihalache, Operations Director,

"Very Happy With The Results And Professional Layout And Editing Of My Ads..."

I'm very happy with the results I get from Rent-A-List, not only for the targeted advertising but also for the professional lay out work and editing of the ads your sending.

I've seen that similar advertising services are much more expensive. - Carina Carlsson, Webmaster,

"More Targeted Traffic And Qualified Leads Than Any Other Service..."

We are very pleased with Rent-A-List Advertising services. 

With Rent-A-List we got more targeted traffic and qualified leads than with any other program we have tried before. 

Rent-A-List is not only very affordable but the results are amazing." - Matt & Catherine Willis, Owner,

"The Response Received Was Beyond Our Expectations And We Have Used Them Often Since 2004."

Rent-A-List was one of the first advertising avenues we used. The response received was beyond our expectations and we have used them often since 2004. 

We are very happy. extremely happy. I usually use the specials when they are offered which allows us to advertise to a wider market.

I have yet to find another advertising service that gives me even close to the same click through rate.

I do recommend Rent-A-List to everyone who asks me where the best place to get advertising is. Rent-A-List is at the very top of  my recommended list. - William Buckley,

"In Tracking My Clicks, I Found That The Rent-A-List Visitors Spend More Time On My Site Than Any Other..."

I'm vary happy with the results I have received with Rent-A-List. In tracking my clicks, I found the Rent-A-List visitors spend more time on my site than other advertiser I've use in the past.

Your service gets results. The quality of leads is far better then any I've use in the past. - Earl Williams, CEO,

"I always know I can count on Rent-A-List to help me bring on new customers and distributors..."

Rent-A-List offers affordable prices for the everyday internet marketer, and I like the fact that I can track the results of each campaign. I always know I can count on Rent-A-List to help me bring on new customers and distributors using their system. Thanks Rent-A-List! - Becca Mutz, 

"There Is No Comparison. My Cost Per "Opt-In" at RAL Is Much Lower Than Anywhere Else..."

Rent-A-List advertising goes to people who are interested in what we have to provide. There's no wasted effort or money. I get more truly targeted response from Rent-a-List than anywhere else. I recommend it to all those I work with.

There's no comparison. PPC is expensive, safelists are untargeted ... what can I say? 

My cost per "opt-in" at RAL is much lower than anywhere else. The only complaint I've ever had was one time when my Targeted email ad took a week to go out because you guys were swamped. That's because you're good! - Steve Gaghagen, Director,

I highly recommend Rent-A-List to anyone interested in getting hits to their site which leads to increased revenue!
- Elischa, Owner,

I tried out your advertising to see how responsive they would be and I have to say that Rent-A-List leads are the only ones where I've gotten good responses and business signups in my XELR8 business. Thank you!
- Connie Clark,

Rent-A-List delivers! Their unique tracking and targeted advertising really works. I saw results immediately - you can't do any better!
- Rose Clark, Owner 

I love what Rent-A-List has done for me. They have helped build my online business faster then I ever could with there email campaigns. I was qualified faster with there help. I now know I will retire early with their great products.
- Marvin Sykes 

Rent-A-list is very simple to use and yet very professionally organized. I am particularly impressed with the results I always get from sponsorship of the, having used this facility with different and unrelated campaigns. The unique tracking feature allows one to follow all current multiple campaigns (e.g. banner adverting, email campaigns, sponsorship) with Rent-A-List from the same page. Its a super affordable service suitable for all online marketers.
- Mohinder Kalsi,

I just want to say that you always put together such great Packages. is truly a breath of fresh air! Honestly, every Package we buy ends in profit! Advertising with is really a No Brainier! Keep up the good work.
- Nick Marks,

I've been in Internet marketing for 5 years now, and nothing had ever caught my attention like Rent-a-List. Just 5 months ago, I dropped everything else I was doing to concentrate on this advertising because I saw the immense power in your product and your marketing system. I can't tell you how glad I am that I did. My earnings for the last year was increasing, and it's all from a simple, proven advertising company like yours.
- Angelika Dworzak,

Rent-A-List Thanks, This is the most reinforced saleable list I have seen ever.
- Charles Denson,

I have had great subscriber response from using Rent-A-List. I have tried other forms of advertising and this is the only one that has fulfilled the promise to send interested prospects to my site. And the amount of advertising I recieve for the price is amazing! I have not found a better deal anywhere. I found the staff to be very helpful. I incorrectly submitted my ad. I was so pleased to have been personally contacted and helped before the ad ran. Thank you! I definately recommend Rent-a-List to anyone who is serious about giving thier business a jump start!
- Lyndia Hayes has delivered exactly what they promised. I would highly recommend this service.
- KW Doran

I have used rent-a-list several times in the past and have found them to have the best quality, most responsive lists and superb customer service. You will not regret doing business with them.
- Bryant Georgen,

I have been promoting my site for the past 18 weeks in a variety of ways and have generated 27700 hits to date. Using a weekly guaranteed hits campaign with Rent-a-list has brought in 46% of the total. More importantly, after advertising costs I am making a steady profit.
- John Meeson

I use rent a list when I am desperate needing a signups fast and it works for me every time because I am getting ready to retire quickly, so that I can venture to other areas of my life.
- Joshua Opata, Global Advantage

I am a beginner in internet marketing, I have posted to many list and sites and joined several lead generating projects. I also tried guaranteed signups. And then I tried rent a list, I went from 1-3 registration a day to 10-30 I was not sure where they came from but i have a feel it was the list so i tried it for the second time 20min after I ordered the campaign my hits began to rise it resulted in 89 registration the first day "wow" if this continue rent a list is the only place I need to spend money from now on.
- Per Dyrkorn,

If you need to increase your advertising, you can't go wrong with I joined and have tremendous success.
- Bonnie Schauer, BonBuz

Rent-A-List is the easiest way of advertising I know. And when I place my order it goes out usually within minutes. Tracking is tremendous so i know I get my money's worth
- Vicki Gardner,

Rent-a-List is so easy to use and the price has been right on. Watching my results and page hits climb have made this a great tool for me.
- Claude H Pierce,

Anyone who has a business, a product, or a service, that needs receptive people to SEE what you have, using Rent-a-list is the ABSOLUTE way to go!! Their customer service is excellent, you don't have to worry about being accused of spamming, and you WILL get results from your advertising with Rent-a-List!.
Heather S Milligan

Rent-A-List is the first and most effective campaign I advise my new sales associates to participate in.
Scott Crider

Rent-a-List has dynamically increased traffic and sales to my website and I find their advertising services to be highly marketable as well!
Tracy Wells

I would absolutely recommend Rent-A-List to anyone who works with any budget. My fellow affiliates have been told to try you out. I love the results that I have been getting so far!.
Noryanah Hamid

I have been working to get my business off the ground and thanks Multiple Stream Media I am well on my way. I am not very experienced with running the computer so they have helped me very much without getting upset because I had a lot of questions and I called many times I would recommend them not just because there so helpful but because they have helped my company grow. Thank you Howard.
Howard Shilts

Rent-A-List has been a big contributor to the success I have had with my Plug-In-Profit-Site over the past few months. Any time I have had any kind of an issue with any campaign I have run with Rent-A-List, Kristin and the staff has resolved it quickly and fairly. I have and will continue to recommend this service to any and all associates that I deal with.
Mike Tansey

You could go elsewhere and advertise but i guarantee that you will not get the results as you would using Rent-A-List, Very simple and quick to set up, A real gem for any advertiser.
Stephen Brown

Rent-A-List targeted e-mail advertising has allowed virtual beauty consultants to build our local customer base without bothering our family or friends. It's facial sample mail-order made easy. Rent-A-List provides the best quality leads for under $50.
Angela William-Cunningham

You have unquestionably the best service! I had tried out ALL of your competitors and the results I get with yours are second to none.
Ana Hamid

I have never made any money at all marketing home businesses on the internet until I signed up with rent-a-list. They are very helpful and honest. I will always use them for my advertising.
Dorothy Martinez

I've been using Rent-A-List since Feb. '05 for one reason.  It produces RESULTS!  In my opinion, there is no better place online to test, track and manage an ad campaign than through Rent-A-List.  With its awesome customer support and highly targeted database, you simply can't lose.
Tim Berger

I For great results and the ad exposure you need, go to for all your advertising needs  like I do!
Ken Logan

I have been marketing for about 3 years and have built many large organizations. Before discovering rent-a-list it usually took me a year and many thousands of dollars to make any profit. I rely heavily on large organizations making me residual income so waiting a year does not help pay bills, which come monthly.

The yearly wait for signs of a profit have been cut to just two months and the amount of investment required has been cut to a quarter of what it was. This has enabled me to spend more time with family and

Rent-a-list is by far the safest way to market all types of affiliate programs and products by email. Don't take the risk of loosing your ISP, website or marketing career by trying a different email marketing service. Rent-a-list has the cleanest emailing lists available, which include IP and date/time stamps. All mailing sent by them are CAN-SPAM compliant and they will handle any complaints, should they arise.

Thank you for helping me reach the next level in my marketing career. Kind regards from a loyal customer and friend.

Arvinder Singh

I have used Rent-A-List for several campaigns and have always had great success. If they make a promise they always follow through with results that are above and beyond their guarantee. I am always pleased with my follow through rates and will continue to use Rent-A-List for a long time.
William Buckley

Over the years I've spent thousands of dollars marketing and promoting my internet business.  Recently, I sent out an email campaign with Rent-A-List.  Not only are people reading the emails I'm sending out, but they are visiting my site, and most importantly I am getting sign-ups! Rent-A-List is now my primary advertising source, and results continue to impress me every time I use Rent-A-List.  Thanks for the outstanding service.
Troy Berlin

Hi There, I would like to thank everybody at for their support and guidance.  You make this seem so easy to do.  And before I forget Multiple Stream Media.  Everyone is so helpful and kind.THANK YOU TO ALL GOD BLESS

I am always looking for way to advertise my business, with Rent-A-List it is so simple to use, and you do get hits, Rent-A-List really works I have only tried 100 email campaign twice and I am happy with the results, my next mail out will be a bigger campaign. If you are looking for targeted traffic, why not try Rent-A-List you have nothing to loose but a lot of traffic to gain.

Rent-a-List is fantastic. 99% on my Mach90 campaign. You can't get better numbers than that. I have purchased leads that were much more expensive than Rent-a-List and didn't get a quarter of the results. Pleased? You bet. I am ecstatic!!!!  You guys are great.  
Denise Washington. 
Affiliate Mach90/Juvio

I just wanted to say Rent-a-list is the "best" advertising I have ever used for my home business the PC Intellisystem!!  I signed up at least 5 new members because of Hits 4 Pay in a month alone and have had HUGE GUARANTEED HITS to my site!!  I am now spending almost 100% of my advertising dollars....I have even told everyone I know about this great advertising opportunity. Thanks,
Andrew Pierson
PC Intellisystem

Hits are NOT created equal!
Rent-A-List has proven to me time after time, "Quality Counts"! Don't waste your time posting to those "FREE" Site Promotion Programs! I have received more sign-ups from one "Targeted" $8 Mailing than all those other programs combined. 
With Rent-A-List I get Quality Targeted traffic, "Guaranteed". Thanks for everything.
Steve Pecenka

Rent-A-List Customer Service,
WOW! I was completely shocked when I started to see the results from my sample purchase of page views from Hits4pay! Thank you for this good service.
Tim Miller

" works! They are the best!! If you are looking for targeted traffic, is your solution! was and is my solution!!!

There are so many websites claiming to get instant traffic, better yet, targeted visitors, overnight, hits, unique visitors per day, etc. etc. and delivering nothing only disappointments and virus. The VAST majority of those website are likely to reach people who have absolutely NO interest in what they are receiving. offer me to get instant targeted traffic to my site, and that was and is the real truth!!!

Since I am working with I am getting a terrific response, the people that receive my mails, are interested in that specific information, my ad will be seen by people who are already interested in my business. is very easy and the most terrific mailing service on the net! I do not have to invest a lot of my hard-earned money to have results worldwide in less than 24 hours! I am so glad to finally have found something that really works. I have tried so many different mailing list, engines, ppc, etc… I was just about convinced that nothing would work, but now I have changed my mind. I am with!!

If you are looking for targeted traffic, is your solution! It makes sense that a high percentage will respond to your ads and buy your product!

Sonia Taylor, NSW - Australia"

Hello Abe!

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know what I think of your Rent-A-List  Program. I was a little Leary about it at first. That's why I just purchased the 100 emails to begin with. I've been taken So Many Times by programs promising Hits.

Not Only did I get Hits!

I've Got Sign-Ups!

Your Hit-Tracker Is Also Great! I could keep track and watch the Hits Come! As Promised!  You also add another PLUS, by letting me direct my ads to whatever area I wanted!

Abe, as you've noticed, I've purchased another 10,000. Keep Up The Good Work, And I WILL BE BACK FOR MORE!

Warm Regards,
John Bober
Lorain, Ohio

Hi Guys:
I just wanted to say that I used Rent-A-List once, and since then I have used it on a regular basis.  I sell a $32 product, and I invariably make a profit on advertising to your list.  Thanks a lot!

Justin B Handley

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